About us

Success begins where there is inspiration...
Our inspiration stems from the memories of childhood times filled with sweet smell our Aunt Hana's
cakes and pies. 


Auntie Hana was a simple woman. But in the kitchen, she would start spinning like a skein and cakes of each and every sort imaginable would start appearing on the table. A raspberry pie with vanilla cream, a chocolate cake with pistachios and marzipan, poppy seed cakes with apricots, a honey cake, a butter and rhubarb cake... A pinch of cinnamon here, a touch of vanilla and cardamom there, and the most diverse scents would tempt children's noses right under the kitchen windows.

People would come from afar to ask Auntie Hanička to do her magic and create for them all kinds of cakes for various village events, fairs, wedding or even feast for the lords in Vienna. Such was the fame of our Auntie. The Viennese chefs would ask her for advice on how to stir cream filling over steam so it would be perfectly smooth without any blobs, how to make delicate fudge or glaze flowers in sugar. She always baked with joy and love and she would spread these on people around her. She would claim that cakes were only good if a piece of the cook's heart was in them. Once her face had got wrinkled from laughter, she decided to reveal her biggest secrets to her grandchildren. And so the Viennese tradition of high-quality handmade cakes continues. All the important life events – from the irth and baptism, through wedding, until the very end – would not be possible without a great cake or a dessert. That is why they are still being produced today in honour of the best confectioner in the world.

The sweet treats symbolizing tradition have become the basis of our success. The recipe for quality has remained unchanged over the years: today, as we once did, we offer hand-made products with use of natural ingredients exclusively, without dyes, preservatives and artificial flavourings. Another important factor is the average age of our bakers. It has been around the age of 61 and each of them has been baking with love and conscientiousness, as one bakes only for their own families, children and grandchildren.

Contact with our customers is equally important for us. We love trying new recipes according to their requirements. In case you have your own idea about some product, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will do our best to meet your requirements.