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Tante Hannis
Cocoa Roulade <span>with Red Currant Jam</span>

Cocoa Roulade with Red Currant Jam

The cocoa version of our roulade is ideal for a coffee, a snack or just for taste. It is also gluten-free.

Chocolate <span>Cake </span>

Chocolate Cake

A cake that no one can refuse. Surprisingly moist, with filling made of cream, quark and delicious chocolate.

Oreo <span>Cake</span>

Oreo Cake

The perfection of Oreo cookies in the form of a cake. A harmony of whipped cream made of white and dark chocolate spread on a cocoa base.

Caramel <span>Brownie Cake</span>

Caramel Brownie Cake

A dense butter – chocolate base covered in runny caramel and sprinkled with walnuts.

Day <span>and Night</span>

Day and Night

White chocolate scattered on dark chocolate like stars in the night sky. A layer of vanilla filling and a sponge base made with eggs and cocoa. Flour-free and therefore gluten-free.

Mozart <span>Cake </span>

Mozart Cake

Viennese luxury is represented here by a chocolate base, layers of Viennese nougat filling made from hazelnuts and the essential marzipan icing.

Sacher <span>Cake</span>

Sacher Cake

A traditional Austrian cake à la Franz Sacher, with apricot jam filling and covered in chocolate.

Viennese nougat – coconut <span>mini cake</span>

Viennese nougat – coconut mini cake

Chocolate biscuit cake with delicious caramel cream and white chocolate filling decorated with pieces of salty nuts.

Coffee <span> and Caramel Cake</span>

Coffee and Caramel Cake

A biscuit with Parisian cream (Pariser crème), sponge fingers with coffee and rum, covered with vanilla pudding and milk caramel.

Honey <span>Cake</span>

Honey Cake

Honey sheets filled with a light layer of cream, quark and butter, sprinkled with walnuts.

Pistachio<span> Cake</span>

Pistachio Cake

The contrasting base made from dark chocolate is completed with two cream layers. The green pistachio filling is complemented with a red cherry on the top.

Almond <span>Cake</span>

Almond Cake

A walnut base filled with layers of whipped cream, walnuts and white chocolate, served with marzipan and sliced almonds.

Caramel – peanut <span>mini-cake </span>

Caramel – peanut mini-cake

Creamy cake melting on tongue over nougat-coconut foam, topped with quality dark chocolate.

Carrot<span> Cake</span>

Carrot Cake

Cinnamon gingerbread with ground carrots, juicy pineapple and walnuts with cream and quark filling.

Apple <span>Cake</span>

Apple Cake

The scent of vanilla and cinnamon combined with the flavour of sweet and juicy apples sprinkled with shaved almonds.



An unforgettable experience of the taste of whipped cream, cocoa and rum.

Caramel Brownie <span> Mini Cake</span>

Caramel Brownie Mini Cake

Favorite cake with thick chocolate and caramel in American style.

Gluten Free <span>Walnut Brownie</span>

Gluten Free Walnut Brownie

A nutty delicacy for every day! Chocolate walnuts delicacy best taste with coffee. Suitable for celiacs.

Piña <span>Colada</span>

Piña Colada

A touch of the Caribbean. A coconut base with juicy pineapple pieces, whipped cream with orange and white chocolate. Naturally gluten-free.

Chestnut<span> Cake</span>

Chestnut Cake

Can you imagine autumn without a delicacy that are roasted chestnuts? We serve them with whipped cream and a few drops of rum on a chocolate sponge base.

Poppy seeds – sour cherry<span> strudel</span>

Poppy seeds – sour cherry strudel

Crispy puff pastry filled with rich poppy-cherry filling.

Banana <span>Bread</span>

Banana Bread

Banana bread sprinkled with pieces of walnuts. Unconventional and rich breakfast that will energize you for the whole day!

Cornuletes<span>with walnut</span>

Cornuleteswith walnut

Walnut stuffing in traditional Bratislava dough.

Cornuletes <span>with poppy seeds</span>

Cornuletes with poppy seeds

Poppy stuffing in traditional Bratislava dough.

Apple – cinnamon<span> strudel</span>

Apple – cinnamon strudel

Crispy puff pastry filled with rich apple-cinnamon filling.



Crispy puff pastry filled with rich cottage cheese filling.

Blueberry <span>Cheesecake</span>

Blueberry Cheesecake

A crunchy cookie base, thoroughly whipped cream-cheese filling and juicy blueberries.

Blueberry <span>Cream Cake</span>

Blueberry Cream Cake

The divine flavour of wild blueberries with whipped cream is complemented with a cocoa and egg base. Flour-free and therefore gluten-free.

Lavender <span>Cheesecake</span>

Lavender Cheesecake

The Provençal aroma is joined together with the New York City flavour. This cosmopolitan dessert knows how to catch your attention. Try our cookie base, cream cheese with poppy seeds and raspberries with lavender.

Raspberry <span>Vanilla Cake</span>

Raspberry Vanilla Cake

Snowdrifts blown away by the wind like waves in the sea. Sweet raspberries are hidden underneath inside vanilla cream.

Raspberry<span> Cake</span>

Raspberry Cake

Juicy and juicier. Raspberries being served with vanilla cream and a delicate sponge.

Poppy<span> mini-Cakes</span>

Poppy mini-Cakes

Poppy seed – raspberry.

Cardinal <span>Slices</span>

Cardinal Slices

Soft fluffy body with delicious vanilla whipped cream and red currants.

Mandarin <span>Orange Cheesecake</span>

Mandarin Orange Cheesecake

A happy variation of the New York cheesecake. A cocoa cookie base, cream-cheese filling and starring the mandarin orange.

New York<span> Cheesecake</span>

New York Cheesecake

This is a classic that will never bore you. A crunchy cookie base with a vanilla filling made of whipped cream, double cream, cream cheese and eggs.

Quark <span>Cake</span>

Quark Cake

A very popular and timeless classic, like from grandma's kitchen. Cocoa dough generously filled with a quark filling.

Vegan Brownie Mini-Cake <span>with Wild Berries</span>

Vegan Brownie Mini-Cake with Wild Berries

A refreshing dessert without milk and eggs. Favorite chocolate brownie corpus, which is perfectly matched by the taste of sour wood fruit.

Coconut <span>Cake</span>

Coconut Cake

A creamy coconut cake version you can't have enough of.

Orange cake <span> with marzipan</span>

Orange cake with marzipan

This cake pleases the senses through a very tasty combination of oranges with aromatic marzipan and chocolate glazing.