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Our recipe for quality has remained unchanged over the years: today, as we once did, we make by hand.

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Goodies symbolizing tradition

Our bakers bake with love and conscientiousness, as they only bake for their own families, children and grandchildren

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Success begins where there is inspiration... Our inspiration stems from memories of childhood times smelled by the astonishing cookies and cakes of our aunt Hana. Goodies symbolizing tradition have become the basis of our success...


Velvet, smooth, spicy and invigorating. Enjoy the quality with 70 % cocoa content in the form of a divine cake.



Each of them has a unique, unmistakable taste. Almonds and marzipan, sweet coconut, seductive poppy seeds, creamy chestnut puree, or the taste of roasted hazelnuts. We have also tried the less traditional pistachio, however, walnut remains the real king of nuts.

Tante Hannis

Tante Hannis

A longstanding confectionary tradition.



Juicy, sweet, sour and merry. A delicious flavour can only be achieved by using high-quality ingredients such as frozen blueberries, strawberries and rasp - berries. We even use fresh mandarin oranges for our delicious cheesecake topping.

Sacher Cake Tante Hannis

Tante Hannis Macarons

Chocolate Cake

A cake that no one can refuse. Surprisingly moist, with filling made of cream, quark and delicious chocolate.

Carrot Cake

Cinnamon gingerbread with ground carrots, juicy pineapple and walnuts with cream and quark filling.

Coffee and Caramel Cake

A biscuit with Parisian cream (Pariser crème), sponge fingers with coffee and rum, covered with vanilla pudding and milk caramel.

Piña Colada

A touch of the Caribbean. A coconut base with juicy pineapple pieces, whipped cream with orange and white chocolate. Naturally gluten-free.